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Scholarship & Grant Recipients

Scholarship Recipients - 2019:
Tyler Kleinsasser (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)
Megan Ellsworth (University of Colorado at Denver)
Sharon McClean (Portland Community College)
Allisandra Kuni (Scappoose High School)
Riley Warren (Santa Rosa Junior College)
Salvador Garcia (University of California Berkeley)
Stephanie Altpeter (Bellevue University)
Riley Hansen (Sunset High School)
Jaeden Barker (Menlo Atherton High School)
Ruby Hayes (Vintage High School)

Scholarship Recipients - 2018 (20):
Jordan Cyrus Fatemi (Mira Costa High School)

Riley Brennan Govan (Pomona High School)

Lauren Marie Barker (Oregon State University)
Roman Goff (Trinity High School)
Sarah Rebecca Mason (Lake Oswego High School)
Taylor Darius Fatemi (Mira Costa High School)
Blake Norrid (Texas A&M University)
Branden Ray Clark (Brigham Young University)

Ivy Rivas (University of California Davis)

Jonah Dionne (Rocklin High School)

Koby Ramage (Redwood High School)

Maria Guadalupe Vielma (University of New Mexico)

Salvador Flores Garcia (University of California Berkeley)
Spencer Boone Winkle (California State University San Bernadino, Palm Desert Campus)
Tess Robinson (San Juan College)
Ashley Moore (Orange Coast College)
Beverly Pittman (Columbia College)
Cassandra Joanne Gascon (Hemet High School)

Pedro Negron III (Fullerton College)

Ryland Phipps (Arizona Connections Academy)

Scholarship Recipients - 2017:
Lauren Barker (Oregon State University)

Jared Daniel Grady (University of Arizona)

Avery Janelle McFarlin (Abilene Christian University)
Spencer Clay (Oregon State University)
Molly Nelson (The Dalles High School)
Turner Gill (Holy Innocents Episcopal School)
Suezanne Hall (Gettys D. Broome High School)
Ashlyn Diana Clark (Brigham Young University)

Christopher Kuhn (Lake High School)

Paola Flores Gomez (Oakland Charter High School)

Scholarship Recipients - 2016:
Emma Ker (University of Utah)

Conor Mielke (University of Alberta)

Kaylyn King (Embry Riddle Auronautical University)
Hannah Reed (University of Colorado - Boulder)
Alexander Pinto (USC School of Law)

Brittani Adams(Texas A&M)

Adriano Borsa (Harvard University)

Scholarship Recipients - 2015:
Maria Nifas (Roofmaster Products Company)

Spencer Winkle (Western Pacific Roofing Corp.)

Samantha Lyons (CertainTeed)
Morgan McCarter (Firestone Building Products)
Jason Ablott (JJ Roofing Company)

Daisy Brambila (Enterprise Roofing, Inc.)

Scholarship Recipients - 2014:
Gillian Guzelis (Western Roofing Magazine - Nevada)

Erin Nelson (Brown Roofing Company - Oregon)

Lindsey Trout (Brazos Roofing, Int'l - Texas)
Cody Christiansen (United Contractors - California)
Daisy Brambila (Enterprise Roofing, Inc. - California)

Scholarship Recipients - 2013:
Alisa Kathol (Stanley Roofing, Woodinville - Washington)

Gage Otwell (RoofMaster, Monroe - Louisiana)

Aron Chavez (D&D Roofing, Reno - Nevada)
Christopher Schmautz (Star Roofing, Phoenix - Arizona)

Scholarship Recipients - 2012:
Jeffrey Arata (RSI Roofing, El Cajon - California)

Christopher Sawaya (Certainteed, San Ramon - California)

Aisie Swift (Northwest Inspections & Consulting, Woodland - California)
Jordan Benesh (Tecta America of Arizona, Peoria - Arizona)

Scholarship Recipients - 2011:
Julianna Calegari (Frappalini Architects)

Heidi Cung (Structural Materials Co.)

Karina Muro (Structural Materials Co.)
Brent Robinson (Pacific West Roofing)

Scholarship Recipients - 2010:
Kimberly Myers (Front Range Roofing)

Paige Trotter (Front Range Roofing)

Zachary Parkhurst (McDonald & Wetle)
Ryan Duran (Cant Strip Corp. of America)

Scholarship Recipients - 2009:
John James Sampietro (Henris Roofing Company)

Lauren Elizabeth Lyons (Certainteed Corp.)

Alex Paul Carpenter (Columbia Sheet Metal)
Geoffrey George Bloom (Allied Building Products)

Scholarship Recipients - 2008:
Laura Jo Garlock (Garlock Equipment, Minnesota)
Nicole Grayse Hughes (Stoneway Roofing Supply, Washington)
Jacob Nicholas Martin (Empire Roofing, Montana)
Ryan Louis Otte (Washoe Building Supply, Nevada)
Jessica Marie Wack (Malarkey Roofing, Oregon)

Scholarship Recipients - 2007:
Erick Edward Loden (Dave Loden Construction, Inc., Wyoming)
Amanda Marie Lines (T&T Roofing and Sheet Metal, Idaho)
Kara Beth Loden (Dave Loden Construction, Inc., Wyoming)
Shaun Matthew Sommer (Dynamic Roofing Co., Inc., California)
Elissa Mae Baker (Professional Roofing, Idaho)

Scholarship Recipients - 2006:
Robin Ann Banks (San Marino Roofing)
Jessica Barnhardt (Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal)
Kelsey Marie Campbell (Logan Stampings)
Melissa Marie Kottke (Bradford Roof Management)
Jessica Ann Winn (Jim Fisher Roofing & Construction)

Scholarship Recipients - 2005:
Hunter Hutcheson (Summit Roofing Services)
Kathleen Sanders (GAF Materials Corporation)
Ashley Stange (Malarkey Roofing Products)
Rebekah Stanley (Stanley Roofing Company)

Scholarship Recipients - 2004:
Robert Carrasco (Dynamic Roofing Co.)
Amy Ciani (Johns Manville)
Christina Hollander (Certainteed Corporation)
Brittnay Shallcross (Quality Roofing)
Natalie Stangl (Malco Tools)

Scholarship Recipients - 2003:
Nikki Jean Birdwell (Brazos Roofing)
Robert Carrasco (Dynamic Roofing)
Anthony Florez (Dodson Publications)
Kathryn Huempfner (Big Sky Insulation)

Scholarship Recipients - 2002:
Mark Dibert (A-2-Z Roofing, Inc.)
Kari Haugen (Professional Roofing)
Iris Pablo (Best Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.)
Lynsie Shackelford (Henry Company, RTC)

Grant Recipient - 2002:
University of Nevada at Las Vegas (School of Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Scholarship Recipients - 2001:
Brandon Bohn (Layton Roofing)
Katie Cosgrove (Enterprise Roofing Co.)
Shari Biers (Rooftech, Inc.)
Katy Kappel
(North Cascade Building Materials)

Grant Recipient - 2001:
University of Nevada at Las Vegas (School of Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Scholarship Recipients - 2000:
Melanie Barker (State Roofing)
Danny Hatch (Tolley-Hughes, Inc.)
Erin Dineen (Malarkey Roofing Company)
Jessica Marie Moreno (Bigham & Taylor Roofing)

Scholarship Recipients - 1999:
Nicole Harper (Mid-Peninsula Roofing, Inc.)
Jana Harvey (Wood Feathers, Inc.)
Jeannie McClure (Quality Tile)
Sara Carolyn Martinez (Blues Roofing Company)
Christopher Stephenson (Western Single Ply)

Scholarship Recipients - 1998:
Melissa Carrasco (Dynamic Roofing)
Travis O'Kelly Dix (Cobra Corporation)
Michelle Satran (Interstate Roofing)
Jennifer West (U.S. Tile Company)

Scholarship Recipients - 1997:
Karri Ankron (San Tan Roofing, Inc.)
Terry Biers (Brazos Roofing International)

Scholarship Recipients - 1996:
Carie Lea Zabelle (Pacific Contracting)

Applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

1. Provisionally accepted as students into undergraduate or graduate degree programs for the coming academic year by accredited colleges, universities or vocational education programs.

2. Resident of the states covered in the WSRCA service area including: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

3. Affiliated with the roofing industry.

2020 Scholarship Application

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation at (650) 938-5441